Our Position

"We do not claim to be the only Christians, but are blessed to be Christians Only."

We seek to exalt Christ and His Word above all human creeds, and to lead people to Christ in the clear light of the New Testament teaching and example.

Our Vision

"To be a people after God's heart."  (Acts 13.22)

As a community of people we deeply desire to live our lives, to the best of our abilities, like God would want us to live them. We deeply desire that the core of our beings, our hearts, would be shaped to become like God's heart.

Our Plea

"Unity of all believers in CHRIST..."

... upon a scriptural basis. The Scriptures condemn divisions as sinful.   1 Corithians 1:10-15   John 17:20-21.

Our Core Values

Our main purpose in all of life is to worship God - the Creator, Redeemer, and New Life Giver with all that we are and all that we have. Worship is the passionate expression of the devotion of our hearts to God. This is the best possible way to live.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe that God is Trinitarian in nature, manifesting himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is one and Yet three, three and yet one.