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Adult Sunday School


Ladies Bible Study



UCC Ladies Prayer and Praise- Suspended until fall

Have a great summer!

  • Combined Service- July 2nd

    Bible Study:   9:30-10:15am    The second half of "God of Wonders" video will be shown.

    Worship:    10:30-noon   Zachery Pope of GLCOC will provide the message while UCC will provide and lead music.

  • "Mission Pod Sunday"

    – On Sunday, July 16, GLCOC will collect laundry detergent pods for the City Rescue Mission. If you would like to participate in this project, please bring a package of laundry pods (Tide, All, or other brands) and place them in the City Rescue Mission bag provided in the lobby.


    Join with the men of UCC for breakfast, prayer and fellowship in the mornings to set your work day right!   See Greg Steere for more information on times & place.


    "The good Lord didn't create anything without a purpose, 

             But mosquitoes come close!"   anonymous